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The official royal carriage of prom kings andqueens anywhere in Sacrameto. Prom Limousine Services Hummer SUV Stretch or hire Sedan Limos for Prom Limo Service Sacramento is Auburn, Cameron Park, Carmichael, Chico, Citrus Heights, Davis, Diamond Springs, Eldorado Hills,  Fair Oaks, Folsom, Granite Bay, Lincoln,  Loomis,  Penryn, Newcastle, Rancho Cordova, Rocklin, Roseville, Yuba and surrounding cities of Sacramento city. the premier Prom limousine service provider. 

Our Prom Limousines can absolutely guarantee that your carriage won't turn into a pumpkin at the stroke of midnight.  We have special prom limo package rates from 2 to 18 passenger limousines so you can share the evening with your special friends. We make it a policy to arrive at Prom sites early so that you don't miss out on your special night.

Parents, why worry about your children's safety traveling to and from the prom. Our professional, certified drivers will stay focused on their task while your children have fun and enjoy the evening. You can relax and feel confident that we will pick them up and deliver them to your front door safely. We are fully licensed by the Taxi and Limousine Commission and the California Sate Department of Auburn, Cameron Park, Carmichael, Chico, Citrus Heights, Davis, Diamond Springs, Eldorado Hills,  Fair Oaks, Folsom, Granite Bay, Lincoln,  Loomis,  Penryn, Newcastle, Rancho Cordova, Rocklin, Roseville, Shingle springs,  Yuba and surrounding cities of Sacramento city.

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We are now into 2010 and for many of us an exciting year lays ahead.  If you are in your final year at school or college then this will certainly be an exciting year and you have probably already started looking forward to your prom in the summer. If you have not already started now is the time to start planning prom night what you are going to wear. There is a huge amount of occasion wear to choose from and finding the right prom dress can be very difficult. In order to get you in the mood and kick start your planning below we will discuss some of the hottest styles of prom dresses this year.

One shoulder dresses were very popular over the Christmas period in 2009 and this trend is set to continue throughout 2010. One shoulder dress come in a variety of styles from traditional floor length prom dresses to shorter cocktail dresses. For many years now strapless prom dresses have been very popular and this is certainly going to continue in 2010. Strapless dresses are flattering to most body shapes and often come in bold colours helping you to really stand out from the crowd. If however you opt for a paler co lour you can accessorize your dress with beautiful jewellery.

If you want to go for a traditional look then you cannot go wrong with an A line dress. Either with or without straps A line dresses are the classic fairy princess prom dress and you are bound to feel very special wearing one.

If however you are looking for a more contemporary dress which you will be able to use again for other occasions after your prom then a cocktail dress is a great option. Cocktail dresses can be dressed up with jeweler and sashes of ribbon to make them perfect for your prom. Then after your prom they can be worn to parties and family occasions.

These are just a few of the fantastic styles of prom dresses available this year. If you are going to a prom this year then now is the time to start doing your research prom dress store to ensure that you find the perfect prom dress.

If you are purchasing your prom dress online (which is a very popular practice these days), remember to check if you can return the prom dress if the size is not right. It's hard to tell whether the dress will go on right just from reading their size chart, so, be DOUBLY sure that you can return it or exchange it for another size, color or design. Renting might just do your a world of good too if you are not the kind of girl who likes to wear a dress out shopping. Where else would you wear that expensive dress after prom is over, anyway?

This is your is, perhaps, time to try on something a little different. Take a plunge away from your conventional style and fashion sense and wear something that no one else (not even your best-friend or mom) will think you'd wear. Just have fun with some different fashion and make something memorable out of the prom night.

If the decision is still hard to come by, then it is time to rope in some help from your best friend, mom, sister, aunt or even your prom date. Since you would be going to the prom together, it makes sense (maybe just a little) to shop for your prom dress together too. However, we don't know many boys who are willing to go shopping for a dress with their prom date either.

 You have on your perfect Sacramento prom dresses or your perfect tuxedo rental, your perfect hair and makeup. You've even spritz on some of your Mom's cologne behind your ears, and you've popped some mints your dad offered you. Everything's perfect except, where's your limo ride? For the perfect night out in experiencing the joys of prom night, why not kick everything up a notch and rent out a limousine?  Proms are without a doubt an exciting time for school leavers. Arrive at your prom evening in one of the many  H 2 Hummer, SUV or stretched limousines that are available throughout the Sacramento Ca. Stand out and celebrate a class above the rest.

Hiring a limousine for your prom night promises to make the prom an outstanding experience. All limo operators collect you & your friends from your home allowing you plenty of time to get ready, take a photograph, play your favourite music and let the evening begins in style in a limo!

Make sure the limousines you are hiring are clean & well maintained, too many operators are not following these basic requirements. Also check that the drivers are highly trained professionals with the correct driving license for you prom limousine hires experience.Limousines make your special night all the more memorable, you with the perfect gown, with the perfect date, and the perfect ride. For parents, renting out a limo for your teenagers will make them smile the whole night through.

A limousine ride cannot only be enjoyed by a couple, but also for the whole gang. Why waste all the space inside a limousine when you can share them with your friends and have the most wonderful time before pulling up at your prom destination? Enjoy the private but large room with your friends.

You don't even need to wait to go to the prom to get the party started. Plan your own party right in the comforts and convenience of your own limousine. Blow up some balloons, pop some party poppers, crank up the music, and open a bottle of champagne and toast to the dancing and partying later at the prom. And you don't even have to worry about snagging some parking space because your personal chauffeur will be there to serve you for the night. Having everyone meet at one place can help reduces the cost of your prom limo, check this with your operator before booking, let the limousine operator knows all of the destinations you will be traveling to and from throughout the night. During prom season all limousine operators run to strict time deadlines, for this reason makes sure you are ready when you have requested the limo for. So go on ahead and be adventurous with your choices. Just remember to book your US prom limousine well ahead of time too, you'll be just fine.


Prom Dresses 2010: Buying an Affordable Prom Gown

It is prom season – and you need to find a dress as soon as possible. Unfortunately, due to the economy – your parents have given you a budget that is less than what you initially hoped and planned for. Now you face a dilemma similar to thousands of other teens across the country, how can you find the most affordable prom gown – without looking cheap and tacky?

For starters, it is important for you to know that you are not alone in this particular situation.As I said, thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of parents are facing economic troubles. So do not be ashamed, and remember that the most important part of the event is for you to have the fun! Now that we have gotten that pep talk out of the way – let me give you a few tips on finding affordable gowns for your junior or senior prom

. Think outside the box: Creativity and a little ingenuity can go a long way when you are under financial restrictions. Ask your older sister, cousin, or even neighbor if they have any formal gowns sitting around that they can give to you. If you do not feel comfortable with just taking something for nothing in exchange – work out a bartering deal. Perhaps you will baby sit for a month as repayment, or clean out their basement or garage. Once you have the gown, be innovative with it – you can shorten in or add embellishments. If it has sleeves or straps, take it to a seamstress and have them turn it into a sleeveless or strapless gown! With the right dress, the possibilities are endless and by putting a little bit of work into it – you'll definitely have the most unique dress at the dance!

2. Try vintage stores: Vintage and retro looks are always popular options for proms and formal events. Visit your area vintage stores and consignment shops in search of your perfect formal gown. These stores are known for having hot designer dresses for super cheap. If you find a dress that you love that turns out to be a size two big, or slightly damage – negotiate an even larger discount and take it to the seamstress for alterations and repairs. Play up the old Hollywood glam theme with perfectly coiffed curls, dramatic make-up and rhinestone accessories.

3. Shop Online: The Internet is one of the best sources to turn to when you need to find a cheap prom dress. Virtually every online merchant selling formal gowns has a section for “affordable” or “cheap” options. You can save yourself some time by narrowing your search terms with certain keywords. For example, if your budget is two hundred dollars, do a search for “prom dresses under $200″. Doing this will show you all the results for web sites that have dresses within your budget. Remember this – when buying discounted clothing online, they usually come with a no return and no exchange policy. This means that all sales are final. If the dress is ill-fitting, or the wrong color – you'll just be out of luck.


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